Welcome to My world of Used Panties.

Most people on the fetish scene know me as Serena or Miss Serena, I’m a 30-something Fetish Femme, I have been selling my used panties and training slaves online since 2006. I am now retired from the main panty scene, but I am still co-operating with Panty Trust.

I joined Panty Trust and the fetish community in 2007 and I have been a Board Director of Panty Trust since 2009. Once a member of these communities I felt selling used panties was a lot more than just a pass time, indeed it become an addiction. An addiction to the community which has always given me selfless support and advice.

I was crowned Golden Panty Seller in 2008 and even made it to the news, since then my panty-wearing schedule became busier and busier, to the point it has started to demand more than I’m able to give. So sadly I have had to take the decision to became an exclusive panty seller in May 2010, but stopped selling for good in 2011.

So this is me, this is my blog, you can subscribe to it, or can follow me on Twitter. Either way, make sure you do your homework before you jump on the band wagon as it’s easy to get stung.
If you are a buyer and you are looking to buy trustworthy used panties, visit my friends used panties websites on this page footer.

Enjoy xx

Miss Serena

My motto is:
If you do it only for the money, it will suck the fun out of it. If you are doing it to satisfy your fetish, than come and give me a hug!’