Alertpay is restricting Master Card usage

9 Sep

Please note that Alertpay is restricting Master Cards use across all users.
This has to do with MC terms of compliance.
This means that some sellers might not be able to accept MC payments for the near future.
Visa and Amex are not effected by this.

Just a reminder on how to pay with a MasterCard
If you have not already added a MasterCard to your AlertPay account, then you must do so to make a MasterCard payment at a seller’s website.

You must either add your MasterCard to your account after sign-up or if have already set up your account, just login to do it. Once you do that, you can return to the seller’s website and continue shopping.
Here’s how to add your MasterCard to your AlertPay account:
1. Login to your AlertPay account.
2. Click on “Profile”.
3. Under “Financial”, click on “Credit Cards”.
4. Enter credit card details and click on “Next”.
5. Verify details and check box to agree to “User Agreement”.
6. Click on “Finish”.
This does NOT apply to Visa and American Express. You can make automatic payments with these cards without having to add them to your account first.

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