First buying experience

14 Sep

As i write this, i’m wearing this gorgeous pink and yellow g string with my hard cock popping out of it…throbbing…

The wait was long as she was busy but i had a feeling it was coming. I came home from a hard days work and saw the envelope sitting in my mail box. Images of what i wanted to do when i got that package open raced through my mind. But i put it do the side…to tease myself…and promised not to open it till later in the evening. It was excruciating but well worth it later.

Later that evening…i couln’t resist any longer and i stripped down naked and ripped open the package. It was sealed in a bag and wrapped beautifully with tissue paper and accompanied by a note of how horny she was while wearing them for me and a photo.

The gstring was not as moist as i hoped it was but it was still crusty from her cum. I held it to my face and inhaled her scent. It was incredible. I did this for a good 15 minutes. I then proceeded to try them on. The way they cupped my balls made me even harder. I continued to stroke my cock…teasing it…knowing i wanted to cum so fast. I then held them to my nose one more time…enjoying her scent…as i stroked and stroked…until i exploded….4-5 hard pulses shooting cum clear across the room. i was exhausted but satisfied. I put them back in the ziploc bag and enjoy them everytime i get horny.

Credits to anon_omus

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