30€ well spent

12 Jan

After 2 weeks of agonising back pain, I decided to treat myself to a 30euros shiatsu session with a local masseur, fortunately, it was the worst massage I’ve had in a very  long time .. Gaawwd it was bad!

I say fortunately because during the 60 minuets of feeble stroking and sluggish reflexology (I enjoy being tortured during a massage), I came to terms with the fact that a vast majority of people who call themselves masseurs are rubbish.

I know I can do it better so I’m heading back to Thailand to finish my Thai Massage course once for all-  by massage I dont mean the ‘I love you long time’ kind, I mean the holistic version of that.

The advanced course is a full-on 10 days in a fabulous Wat in Bangkok, for those who don’t know, Thailand was my second home, and retuning back there has been a long time coming.

Finances and other commitments permitting, I should be in a position to head off around Easter and  dont worry! I will only be gone for 2 or 3 weeks.

All of my savings and panty sales are now going towards the Thai Pot, slaves, friends and fans are invited to make donations and contributions via my Alerypay account.

Kob kun Kaa : )

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