My 'Ask Serena' column finally live

17 Jan

Hey all
My ‘Ask Serena’ column finally live : ) (Thank you Panty Hog)

This column is of course for everyone, buyers and sellers who wish to join the Panty Fetish Community, and newbies especially.
Anyone is invited to email me at serena @ or via my Panty Hog/MUPS profiles and ask me questions related to the topic, and hopefully I will be able to provide some useful insights.

Panty Hog was recently redone with a new format and we are still looking for people who would like to add to the Used Panty University lessons, and/or to author a column or section related to used panties. This is yet another way to get yourself and sales noticed if you are a seller, and a great way to share your interest in used panties if you are a buyer!

I look forward to hearing from you all : )
Cheers xx

To those who wish the spread the love, here is my banner & button, if you could add them to your websites, blogs, or MUPS profiles etc.. it would be great : )
Please link to

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