How NOT to sell used panties

15 Feb

Sadly, the web is full of misleading information on ‘How to sell used panties’, and sometime when these are followed they can be very harmful to your used panty business, and even get you into serious trouble.
This is an examples of an inaccurate used panties related web articles written by an uninformed person :

How to Sell Your Used Panties for Money, written by Sylvia Jacobs on
(This article is no longer published)

Quote: ‘Decide where you are going to advertise your used panties. Craigslist is a good choice, but it is know for attracting people who aren’t serious about buying the panties.
Craigslist is a very bad choice – it is known for attracting men who are serious about paying you for sex.

Quote: ‘Auction websites, such as PantyLocker and eBanned are good choices. These are eBay-style bidding websites where you can post what you want to sell and see how much people are willing to pay for it
These auctions sites charge you. Why pay to advertise your panties when you can do it for free on panty fetish sites such as My Used Panty and Used Panty

Quote:Keep your replies sexy but to the point’
Do not be dictated as to what tone of voice you should use when talking to other panty lovers. Sexy talk is not a requirement and you should not do it unless you are comfortable with it. You should be polite, friendly but most importantly be yourself.

‘Things You’ll Need: Panties, Digital Camera, Email Account, Paypal Account’
PAYPAL DO NOT allow adult material transactions, Paypal will freeze your account and funds, they will issue sellers and buyers a $500 fine for breaching their T&C.

Quote:’Don’t spend too much time on each posting or email that you send out. The less time you spend, the more money you are making per hour
Yes, ignoring panty lovers unless they send you money will get you far. Great advise! How can you even make money per hr when the panties are worn per day?

Essentially, if you follow these suggestions, you’ll end up with an empty wallet, an hefty fine from Paypal and tons of harassment from creepy men asking for sex. 

These type of articles make used panty selling sound as some sort of cheap sex factory produced item tailored only to men who enjoy sniffing them.
Selling used panties involves a lot more then just satisfying men’s fantasies, its a two ways very personal fetish with a great supporting community, when turned into something cheap and contrived, people will treat you cheaply and badly.
Please make sure you research ‘How to sell used panties’ via knowledgeable channels –
The Panty Fetish Community is full of experienced and helpful people. Ask them if you need advice!

Written by Ask Serena on Panty Hog on Sunday, 14 February 2010

2 Responses to “How NOT to sell used panties”

  1. Ava 26 August, 2010 at 7:48 pm #

    Thank you for the advice especially the paypal info!

  2. drinkmoxie 15 February, 2010 at 11:44 am #

    good article let’s hope ppl starting out take the time to read and follow your tips

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