The return and the shoes

23 Nov

And so I’m back, slightly limpy. After hrs of standing and pimping myself to random organisers, my right ankle gave in. Some of you might have heard screams? that was me, or the gimp next door getting serviced by Madam Lacroix. Both very painful. 

The truth is I can’t do high heels, and my ankle is still really really sore. Still, mighty killer shoes eh?



You’re probably dying to know if I met, touched, licked or kissed Queen Dita, sadly, despite bribing security and attempting to break into her dressing room,  I didn’t even get as close as 30 feet to her.  My attempts were rather desperate, and I’m confident there is a restraining order being filed. The show was sensational tho!


I’m back in the room.

Quick news report – My boutique is now set as ‘password protected’ due to constant orders from un-regular illiterate used panties buyers and demented slaves.  If you are a regular buyer/slave and would like the password, please do email me. If you are demented, don’t bother.

Other news … well, there are some lovely new used panties sellers on the scene, Sandy, Polly, and Ellie, Penelope is now a Panty Trust member and Panty_Duke is getting married .. wait for it …..  to a used panty seller!!!! I can’t say much more then that for now ; )

Catch you later with more juicy news x

Miss Serena


3 Responses to “The return and the shoes”

  1. Serena 24 November, 2010 at 10:04 am #

    you, seat in your corner and be quiet!

  2. Luke 23 November, 2010 at 4:02 am #

    I thought I heard a tumble ;-)


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