DirtyVirgin Christmas Hampers

28 Nov

You must be getting into the Christmas spirit by now, snow of otherwise, and for a bit of kinky fun-loving time too, you should meet Dirty Virgin, a 19 year old panty seller with a passion for used panties and an underrated fetish for granny panties. She’s been on the used panties scene for a few months now, her presence on MUPS has been noted not only because of the outstanding feedback, but for her selfless Xmas spirit and her mighty fine pair of hampers too. Its nice to see panty sellers who think and feel beyond the $$$ signs I’m sure you’ll agree. 

Dirty Virgin is raising money for Crisis this year by selling some extra special Christmas goodies beside her usual panty stock. Crisis is a charity the works year round to help change the lives of homeless people.  To help raise a donation DV will be selling 2 different used panty hampers which both include videos, photosets and used panties to keep you going till the new year, with 1/3 of the cost going to charity. She is also selling handmade sequin nipple pasties for all used panties sellers, with 100% of the cost being donated.

Please support DV in anyway you can, she will be keeping a counter on her My Used Panty Store.com profile to keep you updated and will also be accepting individual donations.

DV’s Mini Hamper for £25 will include one pair of her used panties worn for 24hrs, a sexy striptease video 7 minuets long, 50 Christmassy photos with sexy Santa outfits and a sugar cane with  covered with DV special juices.
DV’s Large Hamper £54 will include same as above, plus 80 XXX masturbation photo sets and a very naughty 11 mins blow-job video.


Please visit her store or profile for more info, or contact her directly via email to order.



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