Stunning Polly Anna

2 Dec

She joins the community and it does not go unnoticed.
Is it because of her stunning legs? Her sensual selection of used panties perhaps? Her perky boobs maybe? Or could it be her enthusiasm?
All of these things perfectly describe Panty Trust Verified PollyAnna, our new 19 years old student from England who loves her kinky hobby. 

Its not very often that a used panties seller surprises the community with an original idea, but at 2am on Monday morning, Polly Christmas Advent Calendar became alive! Apparently she couldn’t sleep so she started brainstorming about a Christmassy way to market her delights to you. If that isn’t dedication, I don’t  know what is.

Polly’s Advert Calendar is a fun and ‘full of suspense’ way to get hold of her Used Panties, Pussy pops, Videos, Tights,  Socks, Pussy pens, Photo sets, Cam time, Videos and much  much more. All you ‘ll need to do is open a door to find out what’s behind it. She has hidden 13 pairs of her used panties, and every door hides a special photo set.


She is friendly, helpful and loves to chat, to get to know Polly visit her website , follow her on Twitter, or  bid for her goodies on My Used Panty

Hi, my name is Polly Anna, but Polly is just fine. I am a petite size 8, 19 year old girl from London and am currently doing some studying abroad, and loving it!

But my real love? My panty fetish! It’s great to be able to religiously continue with this venture abroad and make lots of new friends in the community along the way. So, more about me; I have big bright blue eyes and long light brown hair. My boobs are a small and very pert and firm 32B. I’m meant to wear my zebra print glasses, but you will rarely catch me in them. My first and biggest fetish and fantasy is my panties.

I just love love LOVE to prepare my very own used panties for all of you naughty boys (and girls!). They all have 24 hour wear and I of course, masturbate in them lots to soak up my juices. I can wear longer and do some staining, so if you’d like that – just ask! It turns me on so much to think of you smelling, licking, masturbating in and my favourite, wearing my prepared used panties, and photos as positive feedback are always welcome! I also cater to other fetish items as I’m discovering how much it turns me on too.

So whether you just like worn panties, or prefer socks, pantyhose, tights, stockings, bra’s, pussy pops or pussy pens, I’m the perfect princess for you. Another of my guilty pleasures is my photo sets and videos, and now my special cam time too is bringing out a very naughty side in me! I’ve got lots of toys which I play with.
All of my orders come with photos and include delivery, and postage to the USA or recorded delivery worldwide is just a little extra. Oh, and I’m VERY open to all of your requests, so just ask me.
I just know that you will find me SO addictive, your most favourite panty princess, and will be coming back for more.

3 words to describe me? Sexy, honest and real.

Polly xx

One Response to “Stunning Polly Anna”

  1. darren douglas 6 December, 2010 at 7:31 pm #

    I can vouch for Polly, she’s a real rare gem, beautiful and playful, I’m already in love!

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