Flagging IP’s – be warned and be aware

23 Feb

I am a busy girl and I am not playing, so grow up.Mailing me under false pretences to fish for god knows what, is tiresome, and embarrassing for yourself, since your emails are coming from the same fewer locations and I know exactly who you all are, every time.
I’m even able to tell where you work. Yep, I can! You can’t hide your IP from UK accounts anymore, thanks to BigBrother who’s not only watching me, but you too. 

So do yourself a flavour and drop the nonsense, or I am going to start posting all work and non work IP’s, email and addresses for all the Bd, 123boy, danzig, Puna, Punaboy, Punagirl, davisounder, puna_boi@hotmail.com , o_puna@yahoo.com  dirtysexypantiesnow, justyoursexychick,  ukknickers@yahoo.co.uk etc etc etc etc, slaves included,  whom have taken up far too much of my time already. 


Lesson to be learned:

If you don’t want your location and IP to be known to the person you are writing to,  don’t write to them, especially if you are at work, and especially if they are based in the UK, as your IP  is no longer hidden.If you are a panty seller or a panty buyer and are worried about revealing your location, you can use My Used Panty Store auction site, this way you can proterct your location by using the internal messaging system which does not reveal any of your person data such as IP’s, email etc.

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