Loads of Nice Things

23 Feb

Lily Lily Lily
Who is Lily? Well let me tell you.
She is a 28 year old curvy beauty, with nice bouncey 36DD boobies and a cute peachy bum.
Lily has a huge love of something very special – Panties and sharing them with you. She realised she had the secret kinky panty fetish many years ago and has only just recently started to share it with you. 

Lily has become panty trust verified to show everyone how committed she is to the community, and in making nice things for buyers. Great care, love and pleasure goes into each and every single item from Lily’s nice things collection.  Every piece is given her full and divine attention to make them extra special.

There are lots more than just panties in Lily’s kinky world, other nice things include Bras, Tights, Stockings, socks, clothing, shoes, Video’s and pictures.  Lily will be starting phone chat and live cam chat sessions very soon so keep watching her for the launch dates.

If you are looking for something specific or individual then don’t be afraid to ask Lily, its not very often she says no.  Lily is not just a kinky panty girl but Is also a very friendly chatty girl, she is always nice to talk to about anything you wish.

You can see lots more of Lily and see a selection of her nice things on MUPS and on her own website
www.nicethings1983.com You can also follow her on Twitter.


Lily’s favourite saying is:
‘Good things come to those who wait’



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