Always live up to who You say You are

14 Mar

There seem to be an increase of sweet and bubbly panty sellers who wake up and magically become Dominant women.
And isn’t that great? I think the panty scene can really do with more authoritarian and dominating ladies willing to show their not-so-nice-afterall side all across the board. 

However, I personally find hard to understand how its even possible for the perky next door girl to morph into a tormenting kick arse Mistress from one day, to another.

But lets just pretend that it is possible.
How does it happen? What drives the often submissive vivacious girl into someone who prefers to inflict cruelty and brutality? Is it inner-conflict perhaps?

I’d hate to think the morphing is happening for the sake of a commercial pitch, or as an experiment.
In my experience, slaves are not stupid, well, they are, but they can still tell the difference between a facade, and someone who really enjoys stomping on testicles and
turning their slaves into pretty girls.

Are you jumping on the band wagon? or are You a real Domme?
If so, don’t be a pussy, be a Bitch, and live up to who You say You are ; )



One Response to “Always live up to who You say You are”

  1. Viology 14 March, 2011 at 3:18 pm #

    I’m glad to see someone post this. Thank you. I will be the first to admit I gave it a whirl a year or two ago. I found that I’m not cut out for being dominant. Why did I try? Well, selfishly, the money. A friend of mine in the industry had said she used men for money on here and slaves were the best way to do this. Admittedly, it sounded great. Hindsight, I was doing it for the wrong reasons and I did not enjoy it nor did I excel at it by any means. I think many of the girls that you are likely seeing, Serena, are girls doing it for money. And why not have the best of both worlds and play both parts (this is likely how they view it). For a slave, typically if the seller is not a true domme, they realize this quickly and hopefully they jump ship. If they stick it out with these conversion domme/makeshift bitches, then they deserve to get taken for a ride. In a nut shell, I agree with your post.

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