slave dean essay ✘

18 Mar

Pink Panty slave essay
By slave dean, the nonce

Is Rafael de Blass’ Pink Panty Slave a realistic account, probably not, but it’s escapist fun.
Becoming a panty slave to a Panty Mistress is something all men should try at least once in their lives, the experience of letting that inhibition go is sensual and sensational. Whether the Panty Mistress is in person or at a distance you need to accept the boundaries are no longer in your control and letting go of that control and trusting someone else to push you so far – likely a little further than the boundaries you’d set yourself is exhilarating.
Wearing of panties by men is frowned upon by society for no real reason, and when being worn the only people that know are Your Panty Mistress, yourself and anyone Your Panty Mistress or you tell – the secrecy of it adds to the excitement, all day the soft caress of the panties reminds you that you are in panties which is definitely exciting. There will be times you forget, but you’ll get a genuine shiver of excitement when you are reminded.
Taking it one step at a time is recommended, you need to develop a realtionship with your Panty Mistress, a good Panty Mistress will want to take you on a journey not throw you off the deep end, once the trust has developed you’ll find you wanting your Panty Mistress to push you further.
The distant Panty Mistress is likely to be more experienced than your wife/girlfriend, but that doesn’t mean one is better than the other it’s all about the experience you want but bear in mind your wife/girlfriend may need a lot more persuasion.
A Panty Mistress that knows how to challenge your expectations and can sense how fast you want to move along the path will want you to contribute to the process, will offer you challenges and will place expectations on you – do not expect an experienced Panty Mistress to help you for nothing – tributes will be expected, how the tribute mechanism works will be different with each Panty Mistress – make your choice wisely though, if you are investing in this you want a Panty Mistress that is proven not an upstart!
A Panty Mistress will not “force” you to do anything, forced panty wearing is a fallacy – we only ever do what we want to do, a Panty Mistress just helps you. Since you will be completing tasks/assignments for your Panty Mistress, there is likely to be a reward/punishment mechanism in place too. Rewards and punishments will be determined by the Panty Mistress, the punishments are likely to form tasks for your Panty Mistress’s enjoyment – you may well find yourself enjoying them too – even if it involves hot cinnamon scented wax!
One thing to remember though is you are both consenting adults and capable of free thought and action your ‘panty slavery’ is about enjoyment, if you don’t enjoy it do something else but above all never say never. If you never try it you’ll never know the exhilaration it can bring.
Now go and put your pink panties on for your Panty Mistress!

Good effort.

3 Responses to “slave dean essay ✘”

  1. Kinki Kati 18 March, 2011 at 10:08 pm #

    MMMmmm I Think an E is a better mark :0) x

  2. slave dean 18 March, 2011 at 2:19 pm #

    Thank You Miss Serena, You’re very generous with Your marking of my essay


  3. Twitter 18 March, 2011 at 2:03 pm #

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