Payment Services (and Alertpay) Phishing Scam Alert

2 May

Some of you may have heard about phishing scams taking place through the internet and email addresses.
These scams ask you to change your password, update your PIN, verify your accounts, and can look very convincing.
The message directs readers to a website that looks just like for example your bank login page, but it is actually in no-way affiliated with your bank, and the real purpose of this request is to gain illegal access to your account and money.

As a condition of modern living, online companies such as Alertpay, Paypal, Google Checkout etc, are also often victims of these phishing scams, suggesting that, you may receive a fake email from Alertpay asking you to update your account details by following a suspicious looking link.

Never ever change, share, update any of your personal details before checking first. Call your bank, call Alertpay, call and check if the email is genuine, and remember, reputable companies never ask their clients to change such sensitive details via email.

Use a unique email address for your Alertpay account. Only share it with the buyer or seller, and no one else.

For more information on phishing and how to safeguard your account Alertpay, please visit their Security page.

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