Arrivederci Panty Land

22 Jul

Dear Pervy Friends, slaves, stalkers and clowns,
its with overwhelming sadness that I say goodbye to Panty Land, real life has finally caught up with my procrastinating ways and I can no longer put off what I need to get done (a year ago!).
After 6 years of panty love, perviness, spanking, fun, scams and drama, I’m permanently retiring from the used panty scene.
I have handed over my My Used Panty Store manager role to gorgeous and smart Hazel who will pick up the slack and kick your bums. My Ask Serena column will remain on Panty Hog as a public resource for information, should any Panty Trust members with experience wish to add articles, please be my guest, it would be great to see it living on.
If you are a new panty seller in need of support and advice, please join Panty Trust and the organisation will happily assist you with your questions.

 As far as my role there goes, I’m going to be a silent director until the new Code of Conduct and the new website are fully implemented, after which, I will no longer take part in new applicant assessments.
I will keep this blog going with personal updates only, so if you fancy catching up with my RL whereabouts, please do check in and write, I always have time for you guys, for my friends and slaves, and I will still be on Twitter ranting about how my new home has no fucking central heating.
A special thank YOU goes to Anna, Hazel, PK, Jess, Cindy, Bill, DV, Pen, Sean,  Adey, Nicky, DrinkMoxyJason, MOS, Dr Thong, Luke, Rosco, Al, Stewart, they have been great mates and huge supporters of the panty scene, I will miss you guy! I will miss everyone :/
Soooooo…… I hate goodbyes, so it is ciao for now


I just want the world to dance

21 Responses to “Arrivederci Panty Land”

  1. Nicky 15 August, 2011 at 9:35 pm #

    Nooooooooo!!! Say it isn’t so!

    (How did I manage to miss this until now?!)

    Serena, you will be truely missed. Without getting too slushy I would like to say that no one has done as much for the panty community as you and your no nonsense attitude and butt kicking ways will be a real loss :(

    Stay in touch!


    Nicky xx

  2. vixensdelights 28 July, 2011 at 8:35 am #

    Can’t imagine what life will be like without you!! I shall miss you babe x

  3. Jess 26 July, 2011 at 10:01 pm #

    I totally want to cry and give you a big hug!

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