About Serena


My name is Serena, I’m an award winning panty girl and panty mistress devoted to wearing and sharing beautiful panties with like-minded people. I’ve been part of the panty fetish community for 3 years and planning to be around for a lot longer.
My blog and website are about seductive and sexy used panties, worn expecially for you and only you.  I am a vegetarian, I love music, animals, food and wine. I love the beach, accents, and handbags. I hate mosquitos, liars, and I’m absolutely terrified of flying insects.
Being part of the used panty community means being part of something unique and genuine, I hope you’ll join me for some sexy panty fun x

Some frequently asked questions:

How do I pay you?
In advance! I accept UK BACS, cheques & postal orders, AlertPay, WesternUnion transfers and occasionally on-line gift vouchers.
NO PAYPAL!! Read why here.

What do you look like?
I’m a 5 10″ natural blond, 31 years of age, size S/M , bra 34C, and not completely shaved.

Can I see more of you?
No sorry, I am a real person with a real job and need to protect my identity. The validation photos sent with orders will not include face portraits.

Where are you based?
I’m from the UK but I do get to travel to other countries due to my job.

How long have you been doing this?
I have started doing this privately in 2006, and created Serena’s Secret in 2007.

Describe your favorite style of panties.
Black silky french cut coulottes. The floatier, the better.

Why do you do it ?
Mostly it’s to subsidise my compulsive expensive lingerie buying! Honestly, its a curse!!

What are your 3 favorite hobbies?
I love cooking, especially thai food. I love playing guitar although I’m not very good. I enjoy long strolls with a special one : )

What are you wearing now?
Ask me ; )

If you can think of more useful Q&A’s you feel I should include, please let me know, and don’t forget to visit my website!


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