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Panty Buyers Guide

9 Mar

Lady Anna has made some small amendments to her Guide for Panty Buyers website.
If you are a buyer please visit it to find out more about dos & donts,  tips, links to recommended panty sites, how to order used panties, how to spot a used panty scammer and what to do if you get scammed.



Why Do I need Panty Trust?

6 Mar

A little refresher never hurts:

…  Panty Trust verification actually verifies is that you are a genuine member. You don’t need to join Panty Trust to prove that you are female, you can do that by yourself by taking verification photos or even videos….. read more ….

From Ask Serena on Panty Hog
Used Panty Selling Advice

Ballerina in her used panties

4 Mar

Please welcome new used panties seller Jessica, a 19 year old dance student (hence the title) from England who has a bit of a used panty fetish and loves nothing more than shopping for new panties.
She’s a very pretty brunette with big brown eyes, and a sexy 34D-24-34 figure, she finds it a huge turn on selling her worn panties online and is always open to special requests, she lovingly prepares every pair to make them extra special, all her panties include pics of her in them. Lucky you!
Jess sells her socks, bras, tights, panties photo-sets and lots more, she has joined Panty Trust so you can buy her used panties with confidence from her website which is almost fully built.  She accepts Alertpay, bank transfers or well concealed cash, and posts to the UK, Europe or the USA.
Make sure you pop in and make her feel welcome, she’d love to hear from you via her Twitter account as well.

Loads of Nice Things

23 Feb

Lily Lily Lily
Who is Lily? Well let me tell you.
She is a 28 year old curvy beauty, with nice bouncey 36DD boobies and a cute peachy bum.
Lily has a huge love of something very special – Panties and sharing them with you. She realised she had the secret kinky panty fetish many years ago and has only just recently started to share it with you. 

Lily has become panty trust verified to show everyone how committed she is to the community, and in making nice things for buyers. Great care, love and pleasure goes into each and every single item from Lily’s nice things collection.  Every piece is given her full and divine attention to make them extra special.

There are lots more than just panties in Lily’s kinky world, other nice things include Bras, Tights, Stockings, socks, clothing, shoes, Video’s and pictures.  Lily will be starting phone chat and live cam chat sessions very soon so keep watching her for the launch dates.

If you are looking for something specific or individual then don’t be afraid to ask Lily, its not very often she says no.  Lily is not just a kinky panty girl but Is also a very friendly chatty girl, she is always nice to talk to about anything you wish.

You can see lots more of Lily and see a selection of her nice things on MUPS and on her own website You can also follow her on Twitter.


Lily’s favourite saying is:
‘Good things come to those who wait’



How to get your money back if a panty seller vanishes

17 Feb

The most important thing is to pay your panty seller with a legit method of payment
read more

Written by Serena, Ask Serena
Tuesday, 15 February

New look for Used Panty Selling Advice portal

15 Feb

Used Panty Selling  re-lunches with a new look, a sexier and even more comprehensive resource based only site.
Used Panty Selling Advice isn’t a commercial site, but simply a descriptive index of used panties auction sites, free advertising avenues, and established free panty selling advice services.
It highlights the costs of each individual website’s memberships for comparison purposes, which is
useful for newbies in search of a bit of enlightenment.

Used Panty Selling Resource is owned by an independent researcher who writes reviews for Fetish Links and other adult related sites.

Linking – general tips

6 Feb

Linking your used panties website to another panty website is a helpful thing to do, it generates traffic and it helps the community to stay connected.
You don’t need fancy banners or elaborated pages, all you need is a basic URL which will direct your visitors to the site you are linking to, and viceversa. 

However, you need to bare in mind that there are a few downsides to linking if done irresponsibly:
Your main concern should be to REALLY know who you are exchanging links with. Don’t link for good measures only, you may end up receiving unwanted attention, sending traffic to untrustworthy panty places, or even get your ranking penalised by search engines for having the ‘wrong’ links.

Make sure your links are relevant to your own panty site, if you have a used panties website and links to a palm tree suppliers, most search engines will consider your content and links irrelevant and will refrain from bringing you traffic.  Always be considerate when building a linkback page, its about the quality and not the quantity, its about how relevant the 2 sites’ content is to one another.
Same importance applies to dead links, make sure you check your links regularly and delete any dead links, search engine do not like sending traffic to sites with dead ends.

Get to know who you are linking to and from.
This is very important because the last thing you want is sending your fellow panty sellers or regular panty buyers to a bad panty site.  My advice is to spend time researching who’s behind that website, who sells and buys on such site, and where all of those teenagers photos come from.
Because other sellers link to Global Pussies Used Panties, it does not mean you should. Some sellers spend zero seconds researching, which makes them nothing but lazy and irresponsible. Especially when it turns out that Global Pussies Used Panties have been stealing members identities to commit fraud. Am I exaggerating? Am I?

You are
partially responsible for where you send your visitors, make sure you send them to a safe panty website.


General linking etiquette:
If you are adding your *commercial URL to a free directory, free website, free forum, free portals ect, it is normally required that you link back. Some site have a specific reciprocate link policy, some don’t, some may have one but don’t have time to enforce it. Whichever the case is, the correct thing to do is to link back. If you don’t, it just shows that you don’t understand the web etiquette, or you don’t care. Either way, you’ll end up looking clueless, arrogant, and getting your URL deleted. 

If you are adding your commercial URL to a paid directory, paying members-only panty site, subscription portal ect, you are essentially advertising your business via someone else’s business, therefor you can expected to be invoiced  or banned for breaching the site T&C, depending on the site advertising policies.
Always check the website linking policies before adding your URL, as you will find that most commercial websites forbid any kind of advertising via links.

Don’t be clever
If you think that watermarking your photos with your URL does not count as advertising, think again. When a commercial sites say NO ADS, it really means NO ADS in any form or shape. Even if you can’t click on it!

Permission to link
You don’t need permission to add someone else’s link to your own website, however, it is polite to ask first, and it is OK to ask someone to remove it, especially when the link is merely (ab)used for SEO purposes.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me!

*A commercial website is a website where a individual or a company sells a product in exchange for money, if you sell used panties on your website, your website is a commercial one.




New non-profitable panty site

27 Jan

Ladies and gents, please say Hi to Best Used Panties, the newest free used panties resource website on the scene.
The site is run by a former panty buyer who recently got hitched and was ‘encouraged’ to quit buying, but the addiction prevailed and other than keep on expanding his already  fairly large collection and potentially face an early divorce, he decided to start BUP.
On BUP you will find links to Panty TrustVerified sellers and reputable used panties websites, monthly features as well as RSS feeds and links to used panties related articles.

If your link isn’t already on there, make sure its added!

PS: BUP is NOT a profitable panty website.
PPS: Apologies to BUP for the delay, I should have written this 2 months ago!

Stunning Polly Anna

2 Dec

She joins the community and it does not go unnoticed.
Is it because of her stunning legs? Her sensual selection of used panties perhaps? Her perky boobs maybe? Or could it be her enthusiasm?
All of these things perfectly describe Panty Trust Verified PollyAnna, our new 19 years old student from England who loves her kinky hobby. 

Its not very often that a used panties seller surprises the community with an original idea, but at 2am on Monday morning, Polly Christmas Advent Calendar became alive! Apparently she couldn’t sleep so she started brainstorming about a Christmassy way to market her delights to you. If that isn’t dedication, I don’t  know what is.

Polly’s Advert Calendar is a fun and ‘full of suspense’ way to get hold of her Used Panties, Pussy pops, Videos, Tights,  Socks, Pussy pens, Photo sets, Cam time, Videos and much  much more. All you ‘ll need to do is open a door to find out what’s behind it. She has hidden 13 pairs of her used panties, and every door hides a special photo set.


She is friendly, helpful and loves to chat, to get to know Polly visit her website , follow her on Twitter, or  bid for her goodies on My Used Panty

Hi, my name is Polly Anna, but Polly is just fine. I am a petite size 8, 19 year old girl from London and am currently doing some studying abroad, and loving it!

But my real love? My panty fetish! It’s great to be able to religiously continue with this venture abroad and make lots of new friends in the community along the way. So, more about me; I have big bright blue eyes and long light brown hair. My boobs are a small and very pert and firm 32B. I’m meant to wear my zebra print glasses, but you will rarely catch me in them. My first and biggest fetish and fantasy is my panties.

I just love love LOVE to prepare my very own used panties for all of you naughty boys (and girls!). They all have 24 hour wear and I of course, masturbate in them lots to soak up my juices. I can wear longer and do some staining, so if you’d like that – just ask! It turns me on so much to think of you smelling, licking, masturbating in and my favourite, wearing my prepared used panties, and photos as positive feedback are always welcome! I also cater to other fetish items as I’m discovering how much it turns me on too.

So whether you just like worn panties, or prefer socks, pantyhose, tights, stockings, bra’s, pussy pops or pussy pens, I’m the perfect princess for you. Another of my guilty pleasures is my photo sets and videos, and now my special cam time too is bringing out a very naughty side in me! I’ve got lots of toys which I play with.
All of my orders come with photos and include delivery, and postage to the USA or recorded delivery worldwide is just a little extra. Oh, and I’m VERY open to all of your requests, so just ask me.
I just know that you will find me SO addictive, your most favourite panty princess, and will be coming back for more.

3 words to describe me? Sexy, honest and real.

Polly xx