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Holiday, Sex and Used Panties

23 Jun

The time has finally come, I’m buggering off for a couple of weeks. I know you will miss Me but I won’t be missing you, I will be far too busy stripping and having sex with random people. If you have sent Me gifts or donations on My Alertpay account, you may well receive a surprise of two in the post –  Remember them tassels? Good! I’m not sending you those.

My holiday should give My cyber stalkers a break too, gaaawd they must be exhausted if not on a verge of a mental breakdown, following Me around, following My followers, following My followers who don’t follow them, unfollowing Me and re-following My unfollowers, Yes follow Me, No follow You, Who I am? … and on it goes. I may even miss the utter amusement on the odd occasion, I’m quite fond of slave monkeys …  the bolder the better.

Hopefully I will have the chance to add some pics to My Travelling Used PantiesGroup on My Used Panty Store,  as I said before I’m planning on being naked a lot but since I do give a fig about used panties, I will try My best!

If you are a Panty Trust member, do check the forum for the updates and make sure you VOTE!! The polls should be going live next week sometimes. Honest, you have to vote! It takes 5 mins, don’t be a slack.

Last but not least,  CONGRATULATIONS to Dirty Virgin, she is our new sexy  Used Panty Portal Moderator who will be around to help out and keep an eye out on things along side the other sexy used panty seller Bratty – Thank You Ladies, you are shining starts in this occasionally gloomy Used Panty Land.

Be good, be save, and catch you in a bit xx

You see??!! 


Payment Services (and Alertpay) Phishing Scam Alert

2 May

Some of you may have heard about phishing scams taking place through the internet and email addresses.
These scams ask you to change your password, update your PIN, verify your accounts, and can look very convincing.
The message directs readers to a website that looks just like for example your bank login page, but it is actually in no-way affiliated with your bank, and the real purpose of this request is to gain illegal access to your account and money.

As a condition of modern living, online companies such as Alertpay, Paypal, Google Checkout etc, are also often victims of these phishing scams, suggesting that, you may receive a fake email from Alertpay asking you to update your account details by following a suspicious looking link.

Never ever change, share, update any of your personal details before checking first. Call your bank, call Alertpay, call and check if the email is genuine, and remember, reputable companies never ask their clients to change such sensitive details via email.

Use a unique email address for your Alertpay account. Only share it with the buyer or seller, and no one else.

For more information on phishing and how to safeguard your account Alertpay, please visit their Security page.

Ballerina in her used panties

4 Mar

Please welcome new used panties seller Jessica, a 19 year old dance student (hence the title) from England who has a bit of a used panty fetish and loves nothing more than shopping for new panties.
She’s a very pretty brunette with big brown eyes, and a sexy 34D-24-34 figure, she finds it a huge turn on selling her worn panties online and is always open to special requests, she lovingly prepares every pair to make them extra special, all her panties include pics of her in them. Lucky you!
Jess sells her socks, bras, tights, panties photo-sets and lots more, she has joined Panty Trust so you can buy her used panties with confidence from her website which is almost fully built.  She accepts Alertpay, bank transfers or well concealed cash, and posts to the UK, Europe or the USA.
Make sure you pop in and make her feel welcome, she’d love to hear from you via her Twitter account as well.

Loads of Nice Things

23 Feb

Lily Lily Lily
Who is Lily? Well let me tell you.
She is a 28 year old curvy beauty, with nice bouncey 36DD boobies and a cute peachy bum.
Lily has a huge love of something very special – Panties and sharing them with you. She realised she had the secret kinky panty fetish many years ago and has only just recently started to share it with you. 

Lily has become panty trust verified to show everyone how committed she is to the community, and in making nice things for buyers. Great care, love and pleasure goes into each and every single item from Lily’s nice things collection.  Every piece is given her full and divine attention to make them extra special.

There are lots more than just panties in Lily’s kinky world, other nice things include Bras, Tights, Stockings, socks, clothing, shoes, Video’s and pictures.  Lily will be starting phone chat and live cam chat sessions very soon so keep watching her for the launch dates.

If you are looking for something specific or individual then don’t be afraid to ask Lily, its not very often she says no.  Lily is not just a kinky panty girl but Is also a very friendly chatty girl, she is always nice to talk to about anything you wish.

You can see lots more of Lily and see a selection of her nice things on MUPS and on her own website You can also follow her on Twitter.


Lily’s favourite saying is:
‘Good things come to those who wait’



Used Panties ban? It can happen

29 Nov

Very often I’m asked by new pantie sellers if  posting and selling used panties is legal, and my answer has always been the same : ‘Ask your local authorities. If you live in Ghana and you are a market trader, then no, it is not legal anymore’.As much as the scenario described here by the Ghana Standards Board is rather removed from the used panties fetish scene we trade it, the question on legalities about selling used panties is still a very popular question. The truth is that no individual without a Global degree in Law is in a position to give legal advice about trading adult goods. 

Different states/countries have different legislation, when asking the question you will need to consider the discrepancies between the laws where the parcel originates from and the laws where the parcel has been sent to. Not to mention the difference between actually ‘selling’ and ‘posting’ used panties which can be very very confusing to most.

For example, you can’t sell used panties on eBay, (or use Paypal), Craigslist, free Blog providers, and most public online classified because its against their terms of use. Should you chose to ignore their terms of use, you would not be committing a crime but you could still be penalised for breaching contractual obligations.

See what happens to people who use Paypal to sell used panties? They won’t get arrested but they will get an hefty fine.  If selling panties on Ebay was illegal like selling stolen goods, panty sellers and possibly the panty buyers would all get locked up surely?

If you happen to come across random online articles advising on ‘how to sell used panties online’ and claiming that ‘it is legal’, make sure you ask the writer where her/his research comes from, because sadly, too many panty sellers still get into trouble for following the wrong advice.

And don’t post your used panties to Ghana or Tanzania.


DirtyVirgin Christmas Hampers

28 Nov

You must be getting into the Christmas spirit by now, snow of otherwise, and for a bit of kinky fun-loving time too, you should meet Dirty Virgin, a 19 year old panty seller with a passion for used panties and an underrated fetish for granny panties. She’s been on the used panties scene for a few months now, her presence on MUPS has been noted not only because of the outstanding feedback, but for her selfless Xmas spirit and her mighty fine pair of hampers too. Its nice to see panty sellers who think and feel beyond the $$$ signs I’m sure you’ll agree. 

Dirty Virgin is raising money for Crisis this year by selling some extra special Christmas goodies beside her usual panty stock. Crisis is a charity the works year round to help change the lives of homeless people.  To help raise a donation DV will be selling 2 different used panty hampers which both include videos, photosets and used panties to keep you going till the new year, with 1/3 of the cost going to charity. She is also selling handmade sequin nipple pasties for all used panties sellers, with 100% of the cost being donated.

Please support DV in anyway you can, she will be keeping a counter on her My Used Panty profile to keep you updated and will also be accepting individual donations.

DV’s Mini Hamper for £25 will include one pair of her used panties worn for 24hrs, a sexy striptease video 7 minuets long, 50 Christmassy photos with sexy Santa outfits and a sugar cane with  covered with DV special juices.
DV’s Large Hamper £54 will include same as above, plus 80 XXX masturbation photo sets and a very naughty 11 mins blow-job video.


Please visit her store or profile for more info, or contact her directly via email to order.



Watch where you sell and buy your panties

24 Nov

Recession? Credit crunch? Cuts? Redundancies?
Monitoring  global economics never was my thing, but now more then ever I can’t help noticing the increasing amount of commercial used panties sites materialising out of nowhere.
They come as fast as they disappear, sometime taking your money, which is a huge concern for the fetish community, and your bank manager too. 

A few days ago I met Polly who’s been selling for a short while on her website. Like many other new panty sellers with a properly designed website, she was approached by a commercial panty farm called – She dealt with Mark, an accommodating man, who promised lots of money in return for free photos, managing orders, listings, free content etc,  she was persuaded to join for a substantial-ish fee, and she figured ‘no harm, quite a number of used panties sellers here, it must be OK!’.

Most new used panties sellers are prone to think just that when they hear the $$$ bells ringing, I got stitched a few times myself at the beginning of my panty career. I learned fast tho, the same cannot be said about the few established sellers who were also found selling on

I can only assume the site is now closed down because turning a free Blogspot (or any other free blog service) into a commercial venture, is against the Terms of Use. No short cuts in this world m’fraid, if you want to sell fancy cakes at Jo’s Sunday Farm, Jo will want a piece. Try to cheat Jo, and he will close your store. And that’s how you teach economics to a 7 years old.

Interestingly, Polly pointed out in her blog that something rather fishy was going on behind the control panel too, judging by this Twitter account, it is possible that Mark was someone else altogether, and it is possible that the site was shut down for deceptions offences or even fraud, I guess we will never know for sure, I just hope that helpful Mark starts giving refunds to all sellers and buyers as he promised.

There is a lesson to be learned here
Do your research and don’t give your money away, if something doesn’t look right, it most likely isn’t.
Speak to established members of the community about your concerns, ask questions and ask for help, just like Polly did, a bit late perhaps, but not too late.


  • The vast majority of used panties websites last less then 3 months – They get shut down because they are breaching someone’s terms of use, or even breaking the law.
  • The vast majority of used panties sellers last less then 3 weeks because that’s how long it takes to find out they won’t get rich.

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Watermarks tips

15 Nov

Watermarking your photos on the internet is essential to protect your work.
A watermark is a nothing more then a logo or a word superimposed on top of your image. To be efficient it needs to be visible and difficult to be removed, although a subtle transparent mark if more then enough to deter internet thieves. 

Creating a personal watermark is simple, there are many online software you can use. My favourite is ,  it lets you add watermarks to your images online for free. You can watermark 5 photos at the time with just 2 clicks. You can create a text line and position it wherever you prefer, or if you have a logo you can upload  it the same way.

Photoshop is what I normally use. If you have the software, simply use the type tool and place your text over the photo.

If you have the budget you can buy software that watermarks your photos invisibly and lets you search for places where your photos are being used . They  do cost around £40 per year. I never had one, but sometime I wish i did!

Whichever method you use, don’t place your watermark on the originals.  Always create copies of the photos you want to watermark, and then place the watermark on the copies you have created.

Watermarks will sit on top of your photo, effectively altering the look of the image. Although this is the idea of the watermarking process, some buyers prefer not to see any text on the photos they buy, especially on the actually panties.
My advice would be to place a more prominent watermarks on ‘display’ photos and a less visible one on buyers purchases. Unless of course, you know your buyer and you don’t feel as a watermark is necessary at all.

Protect your photos, they are as important and valuable as your used panties.
If you would like a bespoke watermark designed for you especially, feel free to email me. Its free!


Original article on my Ask Serena column. 


No more Google Checkout

10 Sep

Google Checkout has decided to follow PayPal footsteps and have introduced a strict ‘NO ADULT CONTENT OR ELSE‘ policy.
How do I know this? In the last 2 weeks I have had 4 emails from sellers confirm that theirs accounts have been frozen.

Although this term of use has always been part of Google’s Conditions of Use:

Unacceptable product categories

Pornography and other sexually suggestive materials (including literature, imagery and other media); escort or dating services; novelties and toys

it had never been officially enforced, but they are now freezing accounts of sellers who use Google payments for adult and fetish oriented items including used panties

Personally I have always found Google Checkout T&C extremely confusing, when I visited their sellers terms of use page I could find absolutely nothing that said one should not sell adult content.
When I visited their Policies  GuideLines
I could find absolutely nothing that said one should not sell adult content.

But I guess the prove is in the pudding, if you use Google Checkout  to sell your used panties or any other fetish related item, they will freeze your account, just like Paypal does.

Use Alertpay – Improve privacy with a Biz Account