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Arrivederci Panty Land

22 Jul

Dear Pervy Friends, slaves, stalkers and clowns,
its with overwhelming sadness that I say goodbye to Panty Land, real life has finally caught up with my procrastinating ways and I can no longer put off what I need to get done (a year ago!).
After 6 years of panty love, perviness, spanking, fun, scams and drama, I’m permanently retiring from the used panty scene.
I have handed over my My Used Panty Store manager role to gorgeous and smart Hazel who will pick up the slack and kick your bums. My Ask Serena column will remain on Panty Hog as a public resource for information, should any Panty Trust members with experience wish to add articles, please be my guest, it would be great to see it living on.
If you are a new panty seller in need of support and advice, please join Panty Trust and the organisation will happily assist you with your questions.

 As far as my role there goes, I’m going to be a silent director until the new Code of Conduct and the new website are fully implemented, after which, I will no longer take part in new applicant assessments.
I will keep this blog going with personal updates only, so if you fancy catching up with my RL whereabouts, please do check in and write, I always have time for you guys, for my friends and slaves, and I will still be on Twitter ranting about how my new home has no fucking central heating.
A special thank YOU goes to Anna, Hazel, PK, Jess, Cindy, Bill, DV, Pen, Sean,  Adey, Nicky, DrinkMoxyJason, MOS, Dr Thong, Luke, Rosco, Al, Stewart, they have been great mates and huge supporters of the panty scene, I will miss you guy! I will miss everyone :/
Soooooo…… I hate goodbyes, so it is ciao for now


I just want the world to dance

Holiday, Sex and Used Panties

23 Jun

The time has finally come, I’m buggering off for a couple of weeks. I know you will miss Me but I won’t be missing you, I will be far too busy stripping and having sex with random people. If you have sent Me gifts or donations on My Alertpay account, you may well receive a surprise of two in the post –  Remember them tassels? Good! I’m not sending you those.

My holiday should give My cyber stalkers a break too, gaaawd they must be exhausted if not on a verge of a mental breakdown, following Me around, following My followers, following My followers who don’t follow them, unfollowing Me and re-following My unfollowers, Yes follow Me, No follow You, Who I am? … and on it goes. I may even miss the utter amusement on the odd occasion, I’m quite fond of slave monkeys …  the bolder the better.

Hopefully I will have the chance to add some pics to My Travelling Used PantiesGroup on My Used Panty Store,  as I said before I’m planning on being naked a lot but since I do give a fig about used panties, I will try My best!

If you are a Panty Trust member, do check the forum for the updates and make sure you VOTE!! The polls should be going live next week sometimes. Honest, you have to vote! It takes 5 mins, don’t be a slack.

Last but not least,  CONGRATULATIONS to Dirty Virgin, she is our new sexy  Used Panty Portal Moderator who will be around to help out and keep an eye out on things along side the other sexy used panty seller Bratty – Thank You Ladies, you are shining starts in this occasionally gloomy Used Panty Land.

Be good, be save, and catch you in a bit xx

You see??!! 


The Panty Trust Code of Conduct

13 Jun

For most of us, knowing the difference between right and wrong is pretty clear and we generally understand what is acceptable and what is not. Some people ofen draw a line between ‘normal’ and ‘abnormal’ sexual behaviour and fetish, but this is not what we are discussing, we are purely highlighting the money-making ethical side of selling used panties … Read the full article


Fake Used Panties Sellers

25 May

I’m don’t mean to ruminate over the Pip saga, but a number of new buyers and new sellers have been confessing how worried they are, and asking me how trust issues can be addressed.
Please don’t be discouraged, support and help from the community is always available.

Read more: Fake Used Panties Sellers is a phishing scam

13 May

Several weeks ago, banned a member who was selling used panties under the name of Hannah Jackson. This person was using fake photos of several different Hair Models to try and sell used panties as a girl, when in fact Hannah Jackson real identity is: Carl

After being banned for also repeatedly spamming the whole fetish network, Hannah/Carl emailed with this threat:  “I will make pay” –  the next day Carl opened, a fraudulent website which is infringing Trademarks and committing Domain Name Abuse, all of which are crimes prosecutable by the law.
In April, Carl starts an aggressive spam campaign on Twitter, where over 2000 users had been overwhelmed with their lies and persistent messages:


Some Twitter Users, My Used Panty and eBanned members have also reported receiving messages from Carl saying that both auctions sites have migrated to and that they should re-sign up ASAP if they wanted to keep their accounts.
In May Twitter suspends account for spamming, Carl returns with a new Twitter account, the spamming beings again, only this time Carl actually brags how his site is back and better then ever, which I’m sure you will find a tad sad and desperate when the evidence shows that Carl welcomes zero members.
OK, maybe he does welcome 2 members, himself and himself before the sex change.

Understandably, people (especially members of  got angry, frustrated and fed up with his lies, so a Phishing Scam Warning starts circulating Twitter, where users were encouraged to RT and report Carl to the regulating authorities.
Carl perceived this as an unfair attack, so after yet another sex change, he becomes Hanna Pike and complaints to, muttering how isn’t an illegal site since it has been a registered TradeMark since 2009. We know this is a lie because Carl registered it in March 2011

Despite Carls’ efforts to confuse people into thinking otherwise, has nothing to do with is currently working with Nominet Legal Dispute Resolution Service in order to stop Carl and his illegal site.

Carl is also selling stolen images:


Payment Services (and Alertpay) Phishing Scam Alert

2 May

Some of you may have heard about phishing scams taking place through the internet and email addresses.
These scams ask you to change your password, update your PIN, verify your accounts, and can look very convincing.
The message directs readers to a website that looks just like for example your bank login page, but it is actually in no-way affiliated with your bank, and the real purpose of this request is to gain illegal access to your account and money.

As a condition of modern living, online companies such as Alertpay, Paypal, Google Checkout etc, are also often victims of these phishing scams, suggesting that, you may receive a fake email from Alertpay asking you to update your account details by following a suspicious looking link.

Never ever change, share, update any of your personal details before checking first. Call your bank, call Alertpay, call and check if the email is genuine, and remember, reputable companies never ask their clients to change such sensitive details via email.

Use a unique email address for your Alertpay account. Only share it with the buyer or seller, and no one else.

For more information on phishing and how to safeguard your account Alertpay, please visit their Security page.

How to make my used panties website work better?

18 Apr

‘Growing a small fetish business takes time, we can’t expect orders to arrive overnight, it takes time to build a relationship with the panty community, sometimes a long time.  Many successful used panty ladies websites have a ‘presence’ which they have worked hard and long for, if to be successful if your aim, you may want to follow some of these suggestions …’

d more on Ask Serena, Used Panty Selling Advice Column

Words to avoid when selling used panties

27 Mar

Unless you want to completely turn off your potential panty buyers, never ever mention the following basics when selling used panties. 

In no particular order:

Susan Boyle
Mickey Mouse
15 etc
Things you know fuck all about
Cottage Cheese
Fairies (the ones with ‘magical’ powers)
Fish Oil
Synchronised Swimming
Boiling Bunnies


If I have left some out, please be my guest and add them below. 






Angel scam part II

16 Mar


is no more


Mr Kendra’s of ‘s plot thickens as more websites using identical stolen content start hitting the used panty scene.
Mr Kendra is also Mr Angelo of who’s spent the last 24hrs spamming various sites such Panty Hog, and Angelo, just like Mr Kendra, seemed to have taken an obsessive liking of Scarlett as he is still abusing her bio wishing he was indeed a 21 years old with real breasts.

Lady Anna’s Buyers Guide glossary can also be found on, along with the Panty Trust membership seal, and some remarkably familiar feedback.

The photos all seem to be of the same panty girl, are you that girl? If so, let us know, so that we can get your photos deleted from this site.

The good news is that, with a bit of luck, we managed to track down the people behind these sites, so a BIG surprise is in store.Now, about their Twitter account,!/angelxoxo1 I’m not convinced this twitter account has anything to do with any of this, it could be simple misleading tactics to make buyers think that Angel and Kendra are real.
Its hard to say, but after having investigated Andrea Zaragoza, we could not find anything that linked the con-artist to that name.
Updates will be posted as they arrive.