Miss Serena’s Panty Domination

All pathetic panty slaves, piggies and sissies,  into Humiliation, Financial Domination, Black Mail and Feminisation willing to worship and obey Miss Serena, should apply via this form.
I will tailor My goals according to your preferences.

you will beg Me for:
•1 assignment with panties of My choice £30
•24hrs of various assignments £35, excluding panties
•7 days
Golden Membership £75
•Miss Serena’s slave for 1 month starts at £150


This is an exclusive service for serious payers only.
Miss Serena humiliates and engages with nobody but dedicated bitch slaves willing to beg Her for acceptance and worship Her daily.
My Rules:
•you will always address Me as Miss or Miss Serena
•never dare telling Me what and what not to do
•show Me respect and adoration at all time
•do not waste My time
•punctuality is a MUST, if you are late, we are done.
Serve Miss Serena, or go and suck an egg elsewhere.

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