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Erotica UK, see Me there?

11 Nov

17 Nov –

K guys, I’m good to go. I’ve packed my lingerie and a toothbrush.  Its going to be hectic so I doubt I will have time to play online.
If you have my mobile number, I expect you to call Me! 

Back next week
x Miss Serena



Moving on from Betty Page, inevitably you end up somewhere near enough Dita Von Teese, Goddess of all Goddesses.
She’s will be at Erotica UK (19, 20, 21 November) performing at 6pm each day, signing books etc.
I will be there myself, working, but I will be there – I only took the work because I knew she’d be performing, hopefully I’ll get to touch her, meet her, kiss her, hug her in the most unpervy way. I may well end up with (another) restraining order,  but I’m sure it would be worth it.

If you’re coming let me know and so that we can both drool at her strip performance and fight over her panties. Or you can take me shopping without My discount card, I’m happy either way :P


Till then, you may want to revisit her Perrier Interactive Movie, be patient with the loading, and make sure you take enough meds to keep you steady :P

Hope to see you there

Miss Serena x