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Holiday, Sex and Used Panties

23 Jun

The time has finally come, I’m buggering off for a couple of weeks. I know you will miss Me but I won’t be missing you, I will be far too busy stripping and having sex with random people. If you have sent Me gifts or donations on My Alertpay account, you may well receive a surprise of two in the post –  Remember them tassels? Good! I’m not sending you those.

My holiday should give My cyber stalkers a break too, gaaawd they must be exhausted if not on a verge of a mental breakdown, following Me around, following My followers, following My followers who don’t follow them, unfollowing Me and re-following My unfollowers, Yes follow Me, No follow You, Who I am? … and on it goes. I may even miss the utter amusement on the odd occasion, I’m quite fond of slave monkeys …  the bolder the better.

Hopefully I will have the chance to add some pics to My Travelling Used PantiesGroup on My Used Panty Store,  as I said before I’m planning on being naked a lot but since I do give a fig about used panties, I will try My best!

If you are a Panty Trust member, do check the forum for the updates and make sure you VOTE!! The polls should be going live next week sometimes. Honest, you have to vote! It takes 5 mins, don’t be a slack.

Last but not least,  CONGRATULATIONS to Dirty Virgin, she is our new sexy  Used Panty Portal Moderator who will be around to help out and keep an eye out on things along side the other sexy used panty seller Bratty – Thank You Ladies, you are shining starts in this occasionally gloomy Used Panty Land.

Be good, be save, and catch you in a bit xx

You see??!! 


Come to the Jacuzzi

10 Nov

One lunch hour I was at the gym, feeling tired so decided to slip into the jacuzzi instead of the tread mill. I relaxed with my arms stretched out easily along the sides of the pool, I lay may head back and allowed my body to be soothed by the jets.

After a few minutes I became aware that the jets by my legs were sending amazing sensations up my legs, around my buttocks and particularly at my pussy. The more I relaxed and let go the more the jets and bubbles seemed to be caressing my whole body, no one was around so I slipped down the top of my swimsuit to allow my breasts direct sensation.

I thought about my crap day in the office. But in a few minutes I was awestruck to realise that if these feelings and sensations carried on I could have a full blown climax in public in a jacuzzi. My pussy got all creamy as it occured that right here and now without wanking, without a cock, it dawned.

I pulled my swimsuit to the side of my leg freely exposing my girlie pussy, the bubbles could tickle me more, I separated my legs, I didn’t dare look around but knowing people in the gym could be watching me through the glass walls made it imminently more exciting. Consistently, gently the bubbles nibbled away on my pussy, I began squeezing & relaxing my legs, tension was building, my breath started to deepen, I imagined a hard cock slipping into my wet pussy, and she purred and responded, with thrilling sensations, my legs gripped, buttocks shivered, bubbles kept tickling away, wave after wave of spontaneous sensations surged through me, bubbles nibbling on my clitoris, what pure delight, slowly and surely my orgasm swept through me unintentioned, pure fabulous climaxing.

My head lay back, I recovered in a while a young man came over and hopped in the jacuzzi, I sunk under the water slightly, drew up my swimsuit, hopped out and went to the showers. I was so turned on still, I’d felt like hopping on that young chap, I needed to feel something inside me. I chose the last shower cubicle, hidden behind a wall.

Searching through the contents of my shower bag I pulled out my hairbrush with glee, and gently slid my pussy back and forth along the hair brush handle, rubbing over my clitoris, working myself up, I turned and leaned against the tiles, shower water drenching me, my pert breasts squeezed up, one hand searching over my nipples, pinching and rubbing, my other hand expertly manipulating my makeshift penis.

I couldn’t take it any longer, I knelt down on the shower floor as if I was going to slide down on top of a fully erect penis, and worked my cunt lips up and down the thick hair brush shaft, it felt sensational, I wanted a gym attendant chap to be checking the changing rooms, find me and fuck me furiously then and there, how could going to the gym in the lunch hour turn out to be so much fun.

I rolled over sat on my buttocks with my legs up the shower walls, and slide that glorious hair brush handle in and out of my pussy, I felt like a teenager as if it was the first time I’d experimented with masturbated, wildly I squeezed and released and built the tension, rubbing my clitoris, thrusting and riding and pushing on it rush upon thrust, bliss upon bliss, unabashed releasing in convulsions on my satisfying pretend cock, creaming fulfilment finally came, knees sore, pussy happy, breath gasping….who’d have thought?

Credits to Anonymous, submitted from www.cliterati.co.uk

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